Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to serve here at the Center, as well as in the community at large.

Purpose & Mission

It takes a village… we believe in unity. It is our intention not only to serve our own spiritual community, but to be a light in our local community, as well as in the global community.

About Us

Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert is an inclusive spiritual community, where you can be in service in caring and supportive ways. In service, we assist each other in deepening our sense of community and interdependence.

Sacred Service is one of the spiritual practices we teach in New Thought. There are many opportunities in our community – from the ushers and greeters to the “behind the scenes” people who support Sunday and other event logistics – all are necessary for the smooth operation of our spiritual home. We volunteer to be in service because it makes a difference for all of us. We volunteer to be in service because it is fun. We volunteer to be in service because it propels us beyond our three-dimensional experience into the realm of “creating heaven right here on Earth.” Bring your skills and strengths, your openness and willingness. Explore how being in Sacred Service can transform your life.

It is an honor to work with you to find a place of service that fits your spiritual path. We are committed to supporting you in fulfilling your desire to be in Sacred Service.