Giving Intention 2018

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Dear Fellow Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert Supporter,

Eight Reasons Why You Should Give!

I know, there are not a lot of people who enjoy being told what they should do.  I know I don’t like it. However, at least consider these reasons why committing to our Center can be a blessing for you and for our global vision of “Building a world that works for everyone” and “Creating a values-based spiritual life.”

Your giving makes a beneficial impact on the lives of other people regardless of your financial background. In other words, together every one of us counts towards someone else’s spiritual growth and development.

Your giving helps create a personal feeling of participation and ownership in the Center. In other words, you are developing a sense of belonging here and a legacy that will continue for years to come.

Your giving helps the Center grow with an increased and reliable stream of income. In other words, you teach us that we can count on you and that creates ease and creativity. It helps us thrive,  keeping in mind that most of our income comes from our Sunday services.

Your giving strengthens and develops your relationship with money and, in my opinion, increases your receptivity to life. In other words, you are practicing being in the flow of circulation.

Your giving sustains the Center’s operations and financial obligations. In other words, you are part of creating a successful and well-run Center.

Your giving helps preserve a place where you are spiritually fed. In other words, you’re giving back so that others can in turn be fed like you are.

Your ongoing giving turns your gift into a large contribution to the Center’s future without straining your budget. In other words, your giving is like planting trees that other people in future generations will sit under and feel blessed.

Who Can Pledge?

Our Giving Intention program is designed for every individual or group from all financial backgrounds who are inspired by our services, programs, and vision. All members and friends of the Center are welcome to complete a Giving Intention Form. We are inspired by the example you set when you generously give an amount that is right for you in order to help make the world a better place. Thank you.

How Much Should I Give Annually?

You’re encouraged to give from a sense of joyful gratitude. The amount is NEVER too little or too much. What matters is that you participate and grow with the Center. If giving financially is a stretch for you, then start at a lower amount, stick to it weekly, and work your way up to an amount that feels right. Many of our strongest givers began this way. Whatever you decide to give weekly, add it up for your annual estimation and let us know. We would appreciate that very much.

In Love and Truth,


Dr. Joe Hooper, Spiritual Director