Grief Group – Letting Go Of An Unwanted Journey

Grief is our common ground. The healing is always found by talking about the suffering you are experiencing.

 The journey through grief is a path to wholeness.

We are here to support your personal grief, with love and understanding. Do not be misled by that old adage

“Time heals all wounds”,It is what you do with the time during your grief that counts.

We invite you to our grief group, Tuesdays at 5 PM,

to share your journey and receive new ideas to plan ahead.

Please enter through the Chicory Street entrance, on the south side of the sanctuary.

Facilitated by: 

Rev. Michelle Rennahan 760.902.4596

Rev. Ruthann Banner 760.777.8322

Rev. Michelle Rennehan

Rev. Michelle Rennahan

Rev. Ruthann Banner

Rev. Ruthann Banner